Wednesday’s Results From Batter Up

We had some exciting games again on Wednesday, with many games coming down to

the final at bat.  Here is the run down from all the games:


LSU won a thriller over Vanderbilt 16-15 in a game that was an offensive show.  Zach

O’Brien led LSU with 3 doubles and 3 rbi’s, and Collin McCarthy hit a home run, while Liam Fallon

had 4 hits and 2 rbi’s.  For Vandy, Sam Forsythe had 3 hits and 3 runs scored and

Jameson Hewko went 4-4 with two doubles and 3 rbi’s.


The Hurricanes beat the Gators in another slugfest, winning 15-13.  Wynn Hammond

led the ‘Canes with a home run, 2 doubles and 4 rbi’s, while Danny Brothers hit a long

2 run triple.  Evan McCue led the Gators with a home run and 2 doubles and 3 rbi’s, while

Rocco Bruccoli had a huge game with 2 doubles and triple.  Frank Sablone had the

defensive play of the game with a tremendous diving catch in center field.


The Mets and Braves had an absolute battle with both teams taking the lead from each

other almost every inning.  For the Mets Oliver Wyman had a triple and two rbi’s and

Jonathan Dorunda had rbi double, scoring Big Game James Vetelino who made a great

back door slide at the plate. For the Braves, Aidan Johnson executed an unbelievable

backhand play to end the inning and bring the Braves up for their last at bat.  Melanie

Martin, Christian Hewko, and Ally Kondash all had multiple hit games for the Braves

as they won on a walk off home run by Aidan Johnson.   It was an instant classic game!


The Giants-Diamondbacks-Dodgers Round Robin Series started on Wednesday with

a great all around performance by all teams.  The Giants won the game 14-8-7.  Some of the

standouts in this game included Jake Gada, who had two hits and a two rbi triple,

Sean Kramer and Connor Dougan had rbi’s doubles.  Chris Tonucci locked up the victory

with a blistering single to score Jack Campbell.  For the D-backs, Max Laterra had two

doubles and two rbi’s, Connor Tukey had 3 hits, DJ Rodgers made two great defensive

plays, and Peter Sherwood added a triple and rbi.  The teams continue their tournament




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