Wednesday’s Batter Up Game Recaps

We had some fireworks today at Batter Up, with lots of offense and some stellar defense dominating the games.  Here’s the rundown:


The Mets and Braves continue their great battle this week, as they seem to end up tied nearly every day.  Kian Gordy, Colby Sheehan, Andrew Benvenuti, and Colin Dumond all had multiple hit games.  Johnny Lazarou made the defensive play of the game, making an acrobatic play on a ball at deep shortstop to save two runs!


The Dodgers and Giants played another exciting game today, with the Dodgers winning 5-4.  Carmine Bruno, Ryan Gemaly, and Katie Koning all had 4 hits, while Matt Morosini had the defensive play of the game.  Antonio Carmona had 4 hits and 2 rbi’s and Michael Turner had 3 hits and 2 rbi’s for the Giants.


The Angels and Nationals finished yesterday’s tie game today, with Will Dumond hitting a game-winning walk off double to win it for the Angels.  In today’s regularly scheduled game, the Nationals won 12-9.  Leading the way for the Nats was Hagen Drake with a homer, triple, and single with 6 rbi’s.  Mason Nocery had a double and a triple, Ethan Greene  and Sam Olmstead each had two hits.  For the Angels, Aidan Johnson had 3 hits, AK Wilson had 2 triples, James Tischio had 2 doubles, and Alex Delacruz made a tremendous diving play to save a run.


LSU came back from a big deficit and handed Gator Nation a 20-18 loss in an offensive show for the ages.  For LSU, Matthew Pero hit the game winning home run, a 3 run homer with two outs in the 6th inning and LSU trailing 18-17 at the time.  Colin McCarthy had 2 doubles and a triple, Derek Stradczuk tripled and singled and Joe Tischio had 3 hits.  Liam Fallon also homered for LSU.  For the Gators Chris Meninno had 3 hits, Anthony Jessuck had 2 doubles, 2 triples, and 4 rbi’s, and Nate Hynes had a single, triple, and home run.


The ASU Sun Devils defeated the Miami Hurricanes 13-7 today.  Ava Roth led ASU with two hits and the catch of the week in the first inning.  Charlie Sahadi had a homer and a double, Maddox Guillet had 2 hits and 2 rbi’s, Peter Sherwood hit a 3 run homer and Sebby Decosta had two hits and scored a run.  For the ‘Canes, Josh Knight hit a long home run, Tyler Farris had two hits, Derek Kennedy had a triple and two doubles, while Tyler Smith had two hits and a run scored.


The Cardinals beat the Red Sox 16-9 and were led at the plate by Will Rocchetti who hit for the cycle and had two home runs.  Mika Guillet and Josh Fields each had 4 hits and two rbi’s.  Liam Martley chipped in 2 doubles and 3 rbi’s.  For the Sox, Zach O’Brien had 3 hits and 2 rbi’s and Peter Priester had 3 hits and scored a run.


The Yankees won an exciting game 10-9 in extra innings,  as the Yanks rallied from down 3 runs in the last inning. Wyatt Long led the Yanks with 3 hits and 4 rbi’s.  Chris Watrous had the walk off single to win the game.  Nick Hynes the hitting star for the Cubs with 5 hits, 3 rbi’s and scored 3 times.  Dan Hoblin added 3 hits and 2 runs scored.

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