Tyler Wild Completes Solid Year for St. Mike’s

Tyler Wild had another good season for St. Michael’s College in Vermont as their starting

second baseman.  Tyler was a sophomore this year, and led the Purple Knights in at-bats,

stolen bases (10-11), and was second in rbi’s, triples, and runs scored.  He was third on

the team in doubles and hits.  As a freshman he was the starting SS, and moved over to

second base this year.  Tyler was one of the best fielding infielders I ever coached,

was always rock solid on defense and came up with many clutch hits over his career.

This is a trend he has obviously continued as he had the game winning hit late in the season

against nationally ranked Franklin Pierce.  He has a knack of being where he is supposed to be at all

times, a trait that is appreciated by coaches at all levels.  Keep up the good work T-Wild.

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