TV Announcers

Can we stop already with these TV analysts or play by play guys

screaming in our ears about how “that play will be on Sportscenter

tonight” or “that’s gonna be a top 10 highlight tonight.”  Instead of

calling the game, they seem to want to be a personal cheerleading section

for the athletes, or want to give their careers a boost by coming up

with a signature call on live TV.  Enough.


3 responses to “TV Announcers”

  1. Tim Faz says:

    Love Billy. “man to man”. Or who can forget. “send it in Jerome!!!”

    • buscettosports says:

      how about when Bill Raftery has the game, and its Syracuse who is playing…”Syracuse opens up in zone, with Man-to-Man principles!”

  2. Tim Faz says:

    Send it in jerome. Hate the sport center comments. If its that good no need to comment. They should just say. You’ll see a repley later.

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