Tuesday’s Batter Up Game Results

The Red Sox and Yankees played a great game on Tuesday, with the Sox winning in 8

innings by the score of 10-7.  Jackson Deperry put on a defensive show with some nice

backhand plays, as well as turning a double play.  Devin Kazarian had a big day at the

plate with 4 hits, including 2 doubles and a triple, almost hitting for the cycle.


The Rockies and Diamondbacks played to a 6-6 tie.  Zach O’Brien had a game tying

single in the bottom of the 7th for the Rockies, and Evan chipped in a two run single

earlier in the game.  Michael D’Angelo led the Rockies with 3 hits and Nathan Deperry

hit a bomb off the fence, while Garrett Baker had 4 hits to pace the offense.


Mississippi State rallied again to top UCLA in what Coach Aldrich said was “dogfight”

all game.  Both teams played hard and made some tremendous plays.  Wynn Hammond

had a big day for UCLA, while Hudson Byers and Jose Rodriquez paced Miss St. with

3 hits apiece.


The Mets and Braves played a thrilling game yesterday with everybody contributing

to the 12-11 Mets victory.  Wyatt Verbridge hit 2 more home runs, giving him 4 for the

week.  Coach Payne wanted to mention that all the kids played hard and hustled the

entire game.  Max Laterra, Julian Rodriquez, and Nick Canella all had multiple hits in

the game.





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