Tuesday’s Action

There were some newsworthy games on Tuesday, with the biggest upset being Windham Boys Basketball beating Stonington in what sounded like a rough game.  That game featured two of the etter coaches we have in the area in Windham’s Billy Strand and Stonington Mike Reyes.  Windham’s Kendall Marquez is a player, but Jackson Donohue from Stonington is going to play at least at the Division 2 level in college.

Tourtellotte boys basketball wrapped up the small division, while Bacon Academy and Plainfield won the large and small divison in girls basketball. 

Both of the ECC basketball tournaments should be exciting as the girls tournament should be wide open, and the boys tournament will feature everybody gunning for New London.


Nationally, the big men’s college hoop game was Kentucky blasting Florida.  This may be Calipari’s year to win it all, although his teams penchant for gagging at the foul line seems to always cost him in the tournament.






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