Thursday’s Results, An Offensive Show At Batter Up

We had some epic games on Thursday, with some huge comebacks and tremendous

defensive plays highlighting the action.   Here is the rundown!


The Giants-Dodgers-Dbacks championship series went down to the final at bat, with

the Dodgers coming back to win 10-9-9 after they trailed most of the game.  The teams

play a 3 team rotation game so they can play against each other and the action was non-

stop.  Jake Gada hit a 3 run home run (off of Coach Buscetto’s knuckleball), Shawn Kramer

had an rbi triple, and Eli Sahadi had two hits and an RBI for the Giants.  Liam Stahl had

3 hits, including a home run and 5 rbi’s, DJ Rodgers had 3 hits and two rbi’s, and Connor

Tukey had two hits and two runs scored.


The Mets defeated the Braves in another great matchup, as Andy Sicuranza had 3 hits

and two runs scored. Anthony Nematalla was creating havoc running the bases very well

and Palmer Williams was hitting bombs the whole game with 3 extra base hits.  Ally

Kondash and Carmine Bruno also had two hits each, with Katie Koning and Alex Dela

Cruz each having two rbi’s.  The Championship game is set for today!


The Gators beat the ‘Canes 10-6 in another offensive showdown.  Leading the way was

Frank Sablone who hit his second home run of the week over the fence, and had 3 rbi’s.

Rocco Bruccoli had a bomb double to drive in a run, Danny Brothers and Sam Mullaney

each had two hits, Tyler Ingemi had a hit and a run scored.  This has been one of the more

competitive series’ this week and promises to finish with a flourish today.


LSU had a huge day at the plate and defeated Vanderbilt 19-8.  Leading the way in this

game was Sam Forsyth with two hits, Jameson Hewko with two hits and 3 rbi’s, Connor

Young with 2 hits and a run scored, and Matt Morosini with two hits and an rbi.  Nate

Hynes hit a grand slam, Anthony Sharples and Zach O’Brien hit back to back home runs

and John Coffee had 3 hits and 3 rbi’s.  Liam Fallon had two hits and drove in four runs

as well, as these teams complete their series today.


The Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs series saw the Sox come out on top 14-9-4.  Gavin Porter

and Lucas Holliman had 4 hits and two rbi’s apiece, but the hitting star of the day was

Tyler Gymr who blasted 3 home runs.  Sean Cioci hit a home run and played stellar

defense again.  Will Cannella continued his torrid streak at the plate with 3 more hits.

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