Thursday’s Batter Up Results

Here are the results from Thursday’s games, lots of good stuff happening all around camp.  As we head into Championship Friday, we are expecting some tight games to decide the titles.


The Mets beat the Dodgers in a thrilling game that came down to the last at bat.  Ryan Dueker’s double scored Johnny Lazarou and Colin Dumond with the winning runs.  Jackson Lilienthal and Andrew Benvenuti each had two hits and scored a run for the Braves.  Joe Muscarella started the game off with a triple and run scored.


The Giants and Dodgers had another great game today, with Giants winning 8-7.  Eric Richmond had the game winning hit today for the Giants, while Antonio Carmona had 3 hits and scored twice.  Alaina Sartori and Michael Turner each had 2 hits and two runs scored.


The Nationals beat the Angels 15-14 in another thriller in the that series.  For the Nats, Hagen Drake had two home runs and the game winning single.  Gavin Bucko had two doubles and two rbi’s.  Sam Olmstead had the defensive play of the game, throwing a laser from the outfield to nail a runner at the plate.  For the Angels, Bronson Leone had two hits and two rbi’s, Brian Lowe had two doubles, and Aidan Johnson hit a 3 run home run.


LSU beat ASU 15-11 in another offensive shootout.  Wayland Walsh hit a two run homer, and also had a single and a double.  Sam Forsyth hit a two run homer, and Colin McCarthy had two doubles and a triple.  For ASU, Peter Sherwood hit a home run, Jack Porter had two hits including a double, Sebby Decosta had 5 hits, Jack Hayes had two hits including a double, and Charlie Sahadi had a double and a triple.


The Gator Nation beat Miami 13-9, led by Chris Tonucci’s two home runs and 4 rbi’s. Shane Lemay had 3 hits and two rbi’s, Max Van Dusen had a home run and triple with 3 rbi’s.  Nolan Marcille and had 2 hits and two rbi’s.   For Miami, Jordan Gowac had two hits including an rbi single, Jake Benvenuti had a two rbi triple, and Derek Kennedy had 3 doubles.  Noah Scurto made a couple dazzling plays at shortstop for Miami.


Cardinals beat the Cubs 11-10 in another well played game.  For the Cards, Daniel Brothers had two hits and 3 rbi’s, while Gabe Delacruz had two hits and two rbi’s.  Also, Gabe fouled a ball off and hit it directly into the garbage can, which was a Batter Up first.  Mason Bagwell had two hits and made some great plays in left field.  For the Cubs, Ben Sartori had 4 hits, a double and a triple, and 3 rbi’s.  Alex Roth had 3 hits, 2 rbi’s and a run scored.








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