The Golf Season Is Here…Look Out

We have started our golf season around here with myself and all the boys…and it has

started out with many laughs and reasons to keep coming back for more.  I would have

to say at this point the MVP of the early season is a guy we will call “Mini Greek.”  Our

friend is extremely proud of his Greek heritage and often talks to us about his vertically

challenged life to this point.  MG we will call him for short currently sports a handicap

of 19, which incredibly egregious for a man of his talents.  Please do not confuse MG

with the Big Greek, the gentleman we nicknamed Saki.  MG hits it 150 off the tee, Saki

hits it 350, but somehow when you add up the scores MG scores better…  Have you ever

seen a 19 handicap consistently hit 92.6 percent of his fairways per week?  Neither have

we.  MG has clearly won way too many matches for our liking early in the season, but

it is a long, long, long summer and we will be back to get him.   That all being said, he

is a great friend of all of us and is a pleasure to play with.  We just don’t want him to

keep beating us!!!

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