Super Bowl and Other Notes

Just to explain the title of this section, my old coaching buddy Jim Leone gave me the nickname Buscin’ Mumblin as he said I was always mumbling and he couldn’t understand what the heck I was saying.  Maybe by typing he and all of you can understand me!!

I can do without the former players turned announcers saying  “great football play, by a great football player, going up and getting the football.”  We are all aware of what sport we are watching.

Enough about Peyton Manning already.  No question he is an all-time great, maybe the best ever but it was his brother’s week to shine and Eli now owns more super bowl titles and more super bowl MVP’s than Peyton.  It will be interesting to see where he ends up, but it would have been nice if the Colts owner kept quiet this week out of deference to the league’s marquee game.

While we are talking Peyton, I think everybody gained a greater appreciation for just how good he is this year.  Going from a perennial Super Bowl contender to a 2-14, worst record in the NFL without him.  There I go, I was trying not to spend too much time on Peyton and I can’t help it either.   While I’m at it, the super bowl commercial with Bettis and Peyton was tremendous.

Did people really pay 5,000 plus for  a ticket to the Super Bowl?  I thought we were in a recession?


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