Super Bowl 46

Super Bowl is in the books, Giants win 21-17 as we all have heard by now.  I am still not sold on the Giants being the better team , I think they play very hard but they also had every ball bounce their way last night.  3 fumbles and no turnovers?  That is rare, and it was obvious that Gronkowski’s ankle was killing him.  That all being said, Eli Manning once again showed his mettle down the stretch with some big time throws.  Nicks and Cruz are big time receivers, but it was Manningham with the play of the day.  I thought Brady played great, the drop by Welker essentially gave the Giants the opportunity to win.  He has to make that catch, end of story.  Some other thoughts from the game:

I agree completely with Belichick in letting the Giants score, its the only way he could give his team a chance to win. 

I was surprised Bill Belichick didn’t suit up Kevin Faulk.  Longest tenured player, always plays clutch.  He would have made a play.

Tip of the hat to Tom Coughlin, the man has won as many super bowls as Bill Parcells. 

The Pats D, much maligned all year played well enough for the Pats to win, it was the offense that let them down. 

Can we stop with the super bowl halftime show being so long and dragged out?

I still think the Saints had the best team this year, but in the end the Giants were the one to make all the plays to win it all.

This reinforces the idea of just get “into the tournament” as all the talking heads like to say, and the G-Men took advantage of the Cowboys inability to ever win a big game with Romo.


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  1. Will Klinefelter says:

    Some Giants fan I spoke with today said they would have been upset if Bradshaw went down before going into the endzone. He has to get on the ground there. Leaving Brady 57 seconds could have been a costly mistake. Fortunately for them it worked out.

    • david chiasson says:

      No question it was the right call to let him in the end zone. The odds of brady engineering a td in 57 seconds was more likely than a botched FG. As far as the game itself, the Giants receivers made plays and the Pats receivers did not. Manning was a little more precise than Brady was and that played a role in the catch/no catches. As a result, Gisele’s been looking for Eli’s cell #.

  2. JJ says:

    ESPN just reported that Brady hit a tree and a fire hydrant…and they found a football in the back of his SUV that apparently came in through the window! Thanks for the idea Elin!

  3. Carl Sheppard says:

    Good one JJ, Giselle the next divorcee with a couple of billion dollars?

  4. Rick Tirelli says:

    By the way Gronkowski’s ankle looked a lot better after the game when he was dancing in a celebratory way in a club after the game. The Giants beat four quality teams which all could have beaten the Patriots as well.

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