Spring Training

Spring Training is here and with it comes all the excitement that a new baseball season brings.

Baseball is a funny game in that if a team gets hot late and just gets into the post-season,

anything can happen.  The Cardinals were hardly the best team in baseball last year, but they got

hot at the right time and their big game players pitched and played lights out when it came

to crunch time. You would think the Yankees and Red Sox will both be in the mix for most of the year,

but Detroit is going to be a tough team to deal with over the course of the season.  In the NL

look out for Boy Wonder Theo to do some things with the Cubs to make them a bona fide

contenda’.  My Giants with their pitching staff can always be counted on to stay in the race.  It should

be an interesting year for sure, with some big name guys in new places {Puljos, Fielder} and

and who knows what is going on with Ryan Braun in Milwaukee.  Lesson learned there is:  if you

want to cheat the system you can probably get away with it for a little while but in the end

you will get caught.

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