Softball Eastern CT Fab Five Rankings

We have a little shakeup in the rankings this week, with Fitch moving back up the ladder

as they continue to play well.  It should be an exciting ECC Tournament next week,

with Waterford as the clear favorite but don’t be shocked if somebody gives them a run

for their money.


1, Waterford-Still the top dog in the league and one of the best in the state.  Top notch

all the way across the board, coaches, players, etc. Somebody will have to play their

best to beat the Lancers, because they rarely beat themselves.

2, Fitch- The Falcons have lost twice all year and both times it was to Waterford.  They

are positioning themselves to be serious contenders in the state tournament and have

a pitcher who can beat anybody on any given day.

3, Griswold- The Wolverines are right there with the Falcons main challengers to Waterford.

Depending on their draw in Class M, they could be a trendy pick to reach the finals.

4, Stonington- Da’ Bears also only have two losses on the team and boast two quality

pitchers that are capable of beating anybody in a one game and out scenario.  Similar

to Griswold, the Bears could be dangerous in Class M if they get a good draw.

5, Lyman Memorial-, The Bulldogs have wrapped up the small division and continue

to play well heading into post-season.  The ECC tournament should give them a good

primer heading in the Class S tourney, which they should be a factor in.

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