Sara B, Brings Down The House At The Garde

Take a look at this video of my 14 year old niece Sara Buscetto, who performed last

weekend at the 2nd Annual Youth Talent Show at The Garde in New London.  Sara has

always loved to perform since she was younger, but this was one of her best performances

ever.  Big crowds never seem to faze her, as I put her in front of nearly 2,000 people

at the ECC Boys Basketball Final when I was running the tournament to sing the national

anthem.  She was only 11 at the time and she received about 3 standing ovations during

the anthem that night.  I brought her back every year to the Final to sing since then, and

she hasn’t disappointed.  Great job Sa, Uncle Bill loves you!

3 responses to “Sara B, Brings Down The House At The Garde”

  1. Nancy says:

    I was privileged to attend the talent show last Saturday nite. Kudos to all the performers.

    Sara, you gave me chills…what an awesome performance..

    So proud of you.

  2. michael buscetto says:

    Great job Sara,you make me so proud I play this to everyone in Florida,love and kisses, Grampy and Bridgit

  3. PG says:

    She was great and great at ECC again this year.

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