Ricky Pitino and the Cardinals Cut Down The Nets

Louisville beat Michigan in one of the greatest NCAA championship basketball games

of all time.  It was a tight game throughout, with Michigan actually taking a big lead

in the first half to only have Louisville storm back behind Final Four MVP Luke Hancock.

Hancock hit four straight 3’s at the end of the first half to keep the Cards in the game.

We had a nice dinner at Filomena’s that night with all the guys who came down to watch

the game.  Pitino became the first coach in history to win a national championship

at two different schools, and he did it at rivals Kentucky and Louisville.  In the same

week he was voted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, the horse he owns won a race to

qualify for the Kentucky derby, and his son got a head coaching job at Minnesota.  A

pretty good week for Ricky P…

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