NL rolls easily, big prize ahead

It was a great story line for Friday’s ECC final between NL and Ledyard, but NL didn’t want any fairy tale ending.  They dismantled Ledyard in winning their 5th straight ECC tournament championship.  Kris Dunn and Keith Porter were great as usual, and the rest of the supporting cast played well for the Whalers.  The Colonels will be heard from down the line, as they are a young group of talented players.

For the Whalers, this is a tough draw for them in LL.  Last year they were truly the best team in CT, no question about it.  This year their draw is very tough, including a potential second round game with Bridgeport Central who is very good.  If NL can win the title this year, it will be perhaps the the most difficult road any NL team has ever faced on the way to a championship.

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