NCAA Tourney Tidbits, Bye Bye Duke!!

I am so glad Lehigh beat Duke, I know there are alot of people out there who can’t stand

the way the Dukies flop like they’ve been shot when trying to draw a charge.  Coach K

runs a great program, as good as it gets but it gets tiresome to watch Duke player after

player collapse on the floor like they have to go to the emergency room when trying to

get the official to call the charge.  Then you have to listen to Dukie Vitale wax poetic

about what a courageous play that was.  Stop it.  Some of the worst calls ever have been

in regards to the Dukies and their usual favoritism they receive from officials.  Take a

look at some of these clips to see for yourself how ridiculous they are.

5 responses to “NCAA Tourney Tidbits, Bye Bye Duke!!”

  1. JHK says:

    I am a Uconn fan and we all know they have their own issues…but I think you are spot on when speaking of the Dookies…Who, by the way, Sir Cap, is your favorite team?

  2. Tommy O says:

    Easy on the Dukies. Not their fault they are fundamentally sound and all 5 guys on the floor can step in and take a charge the right way. Maybe if more teams step in an took charges, they would get a few calls. The aggressor usually gets the calls. As for the clips, smoke and mirros Cappy, its not hard to find a few clips of qustionable calls out of thousands. Come on, Man.

    • buscettosports says:

      Tommy, I was looking for the schedule when the Duke men were playing this weekend, couldn’t seem to find it. Let me know if you come across anything. Yes their guys play hard, and yes they occasionally {like once every 3 years} take a legitimate charge but more often than not it is the Dukies flopping like a fish out of water trying to draw the call. Let’s go back to 2006, when Gerald Henderson gave the cheap shot of a lifetime to UNC star Tyler Hansbrough. UNC was drilling Duke with about 15 seconds left in the game, and the noble Dukies took a cheap shot that broke Handsbrough’s nose. If that would have been reversed, the Duke kid would have laid on the ground for a week and the UNC kid would have been led out of the arena in handcuffs. The worst part of watching the video is listening to Billy Packer, yet another huge Duke fan, try and cover up the incident as an accident. The referees waited 5 minutes before deciding to eject Henderson, another joke.

  3. Tommy O says:

    Wow, didn’t realize you were such a hater against Duke. As far as UNC / Duke go, anything goes. As for Hansbrough, cry me a river. That guy threw more elbows than you have BP! Coach K is smart to have his kids step in and take charges, some good, some flops, but when was the last time you saw a kid pull up in the lane with a jump stop! If the refs give Duke all the calls, that’s a ref problem, not a Duke problem. Contact your local NCAA representative. You want to talk biased, how about Kendall Marshals charge against NC State that wasn’t called in the semifinals of the ACC tournament so the number #1 team could advance. Nobody wanted to watch a FSU / NC State final. Billy Packer he may have defended Duke in this case, but he hates Duke1 He played at WF and is definitely not a Duke fan. You all didn’t get the local network up there (Raycom Sports) that where Billy commentated for years, he was not a Duke fan or even UNC for that matter. Dickie V, yes, Packer no way. Your right Duke is not playing this weekend, not one of their better teams working as a unit. One of Coach K’s specialties. Have a good day Bill. Love the website.

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