Somebody has to answer me this question:  How in the world can Tyson Chandler be

the NBA Defensive Player of the Year, but be on the 2nd Team {SECOND TEAM} ALL

NBA DEFENSE?  The only comparison I can make is in football if a quarterback in football

is named League MVP, but doesn’t make the pro bowl.  There are 5 guys on the All-Defensive

team, but Chandler was named the Defensive MVP for the year and those 5 weren’t.  So,

either Chandler got the short end of stick on All Defense Team, or the 5 guys that were

chosen ahead of him all should be claiming they should have been Defensive Player of Year.

Speaking of 5 guys, gotta appreciate their cheeseburgers.


  1. Lorax says:

    I think voting in all sports is out of whack. How is A-Rod voted MVP when he played for Texas and they finished in last place. If they are saying we vote for the MVP of the league not a team then how did Justin Verlander win it last year. He was the MVP for his team but not the league. The worst ever may have been in 1999 when Rafael Palmeiro won the gold glove for 1st baseman while only playing 28 games there. Also, how does someone like Bill Parcells not get voted into the hall of fame, on the 1st ballot. How many times do you see in college football that a guy wins the heisman but doesn’t win the best player award at his position. Five Guys is tastey

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