Lee Elci, The All-Time Greatest

When I think back on my playing days I have had the opportunity to play with some

very good ball players, guys who could do things that would leave you wondering

if you really saw what he just did.  More than great ball players, I always love guys who

were great teammates.  Guys who get it, who know when its time to work your tail off

for a W, but also know when its time to relax and take it all in.  When I think of Lee Elci

I can only remember him being the absolute best hitter that I ever played with in my

baseball career.  I played with guys who went to the Major Leagues, and a ton of guys

who played minor league ball.  Nobody ever swung the bat like my Hall of Famer for

this week, Lee Elci.  He was a monster at the plate, and seemed to get better as he aged.

We batted 2-3 in the Lineup for the Knights in the City League for about 10 years, so

I was on base for many of his league record home runs.  In one particular case we were

playing in NABF tournament in Fairfield for the right to go the Amateur Baseball World

Series in Tennessee.  We were playing at what amounted to an open field, with some

trees in the distance in left field that extended about 60-70 feet high.  If you could manage

to hit the ball into the trees, it would be called a home run.  Later in the game, I hit a

ball as far as I could possibly hit it, and it barely scraped the bottom of the tree line for

a home run.  I was pretty proud of myself until Lee hit the next pitch OVER THE TOP

OF THE TREES!!  The other team was filled with guys who were all in their mid-20’s,

and all were very good players in their own right.  I have never seen a field so quiet

after a home run, as nobody could believe he could hit it that far.  To this day it is the

longest home run I have ever seen somebody hit in person, and that includes any

major league game I have attended.  Lee was a gamer, somebody who played hard and

love to compete no matter what position he played.  He is now the ultra-successful

radio host who has had his own show for years, and is the highest rated morning show

in Eastern CT.  Hats off to you Elc, you are the greatest my friend…


Some of Lee’s Notable Accomplishments..

3 Time all ECC Baseball

2 Time ALL ECC Football

All State Baseball 1984
State Champions Baseball Waterford High 1981
All Sun Belt 1988
Signed Free Agent with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1988, ultimately reaching
Double A.
Played in Amsterdam in 1991
Played in Perth Austraila (ABL)in 1998-99
All Time City League Home Run and RBI leader

Unofficial winner of the Home Run Derby at Dodd Stadium against 6 Hall of Famers
Bill Buscetto: What was your most memorable moment in sports?
Lee Elci: Putting on that Cardinal uniform for the first time, I remember it like it was
yesterday.  Also, hitting my first professional Home Run against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

BB: What is the best game you have ever seen?

LE: There are a ton…2 come to mind……I had a game winning dribbler of a hit that bounced off the 3b Bag and we scored the winning run in the 17th inning and won the game 2-1. The game was in the Alaskan Summer League and I got the hit off (former major leaguer) John Olerude.

I can remember we made Gerry Rousseasu cry(in a good way) we came back to score 3 in inning 7 to send it to extras and then scored in inning 8 to tie and then 4 in inning 9 to beat New London 16-15 at Leary. We hit like 10 Home Runs as a team that day.
BB: Who were the best athletes you ever saw play?
LE: Probably Brian Jordan was the best athlete I ever played with. He was on my team my 1st year of pro ball. He started for about a decade with STL and ATL in the Bigs. He also was a defensive back for the Falcons in the NFL.
Olerud might be the best baseball player I ever played against.
BB: Give me an umpire or official story.
LE:  Jim “Zinc” O’Neil, he never used to flag me for my late hits in football,
because he wanted me to play legion for him in the summer.
BB: Elc, you are the best.  Good luck on radio, maybe we can get the Knights
back together for one more season.  Rad, Waddy, Timmy, Chuck, Rudy, Pont,
it could be our year…

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  1. PG says:

    Bill, these stories and features are the best. Lee: Hope you can hit a softball as well this Saturday!! Wait for the review on Monday.

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