Lady Saints Looking For Upset

St. Bernard Girls Coach Mike Nystrom always has something up his sleeve in big games,

and I have always said if you give him the same talent as the other guy Nystrom will

find a way to beat you.  Even when the other team has much more talent, he finds a way

to keep his girls in the game.  My first bold prediction of the year:  St. Bernard girls find a

way to upset number 1 seed, top ranked Coginchaug Friday night.  Coginchaug is very good,

I saw them play this year, but St. B’s has a couple difference makers that can cause problems

for the Blue Devils.  Kayla Paris and Casey Sullivan need to have big games for the Saints,

and the supporting cast around them has to handle the ball and make timely shots for the

upset.  Good luck Saints, you can do it.

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