Jerry Sandusky

There was a report out of State College Pa that Jerry Sandusky was reportedly out on his porch recently watching kids at a recess at a nearby school.  The judicial system takes time, and we all get that so this story will be around for quite a while.  With that being said if he is on house arrest, does that mean he has to stay in the house, on his property, or what?  If he is supposed to be in his house, then I hope he gets punished and I don’t blame the people at the school for calling the authorities.  If all these allegations are true, then he deserves as harsh a punishment as the law can dish out.  This whole scandal is sad as it has tarnished Penn State, the obvious reputation of the late Joe Paterno, and Nittany Lions football in general.  Here’s hoping that we can go a very long time without having to hear about stories like this one and Syracuse assistant basketball coach who was fired earlier this season.

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