Jack Biggs, East Lyme Baseball-Volleyball

Jack Biggs is the Head Baseball Coach and Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at East Lyme

High School.  Biggs has had a lot of success over the years with both programs, especially

over the last few.  In Volleyball he has won 6 ECC large divison championships, 5 ECC Tournament

championships, and 2 Class L State Championships (2010, 2011).  In Baseball, his teams

have won 3 ECC large division championships, 2 consecutive ECC tournament championships

and have made a trip to the Class L state semi finals.  The following is my interview with Coach Biggs as

he tries to lead his Vikings to a ECC Large Division Championship, and 3rd straight ECC Tournament



Bill Buscetto: How long have you been at East Lyme?
Jack Biggs: I have been coaching and teaching at EL for 15 years

BB: Did you have prior coaching experience before taking over for the Vikings?
JB: My first coaching experience with baseball was at Windsor High School.  I was the frosh coach for long time coach Barry Chasen.

BB: What made you want to become a high school coach?
JB: My JV Coach/PE Teacher Lou Bozzano who passed away from Hodgkins Disease was a great influence on me.  He was a tremendous role model and in my senior year of high school I knew that I wanted be just like coach Bozzano and become a PE Teacher/Coach.

BB: How would you describe your coaching style?
JB: Team first.  Open communication with all players.  We do our best to develop leaders not just players.

BB: What things are most important to you that your players take from your coaching?
JB: Attitude and effort.  It all starts with being a good person and making good decisions outside of school and in the classroom.  Character is not what you do when someone is watching but what you do when no one is around.

BB: Give me a favorite or top moment of your coaching career.
JB: Winning the Class L Volleyball State Championship against 9 time state champion in 2010

BB: What was the worst or most painful moment of your coaching career?
JB: My first year as varsity coach I had to dismiss two seniors from the team that were not good representatives of our program.

BB: What is something nobody knows about you, in regards to your coaching background or position?
JB: People think I played volleyball in High school or college but I never played or coached that sport before I came to EL.

BB: Keep foolin’ em Coach, it seems to be working.

BB: What is a favorite story you like to tell people about a former team or player?
JB: I like to show off the championship banners in our gym to the underclassman and tell them what it takes to be a champion and that they also can be part of a strong tradition.

BB: When people talk about you as a coach…
JB:I’m not sure i want to answer that question- It could be pretty ugly!!!

BB: I can help you, they see a guy who works hard and cares about his kids and program.

BB: Give me one story about officials, good, bad or ugly.
JB: I don’t have a specific story but I will say that the ECBU is made up of quality umpires that care about the game and the players.  You can see the quality of work that they produce on the field when ECC teams travel to other parts of the state and compare the quality of umpiring.

BB: Stop trying to kiss up to them please.

BB: Do you have any wacky parent stories?
JB: Parents will be parents and now that I have three boys ages 7, 4 and 20 months I go to many of their games and I have to remind my wife as she is screaming across the field not to be “that parent” and then she laughs and tells me to go stand somewhere else.  Now I know why all the moms sit in the stands and the Dads stand on the other side of the field.

BB: What coach do or did you always enjoying competing against the most?

JB; In volleyball it is Fitch – Steve Banks because he has had so much success and has created a strong tradition.  In baseball it would be Jack O’keefe and the Waterford Lancers.  It is a great rivalry and when I broke into the league Jack was one coach that reached out and was very helpful to me and our program.  He is a class act and a coach that I looked up to.

BB: The best part about my coaching job is…
JB: The challenge of taking a group of student athletes and molding them into a team and along the way teaching them life lessons that they can use after high school.

BB: I couldn’t agree more.  Good luck the rest of the way Coach.

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