Is Paul Pierce an all-time great?

Some news from the NBA last night that Paul Pierce passed Larry Bird on the Celtics all time scoring list.  Its hard to believe that Pierce has been around this long, and this productive.  I guess he is a borderline superstar still in the NBA, but I don’t put him anywhere near the elite of the league {Kobe, Lebron, D-wade, Durant, etc.}  Maybe the Celts fans out there have a better pulse if he is a Hall of Famer.  I suppose he has to be mentioned, but I’m not sure if he is in as of now.  One thing I know is that he is nowhere near the player that Bird was, regardless of total points scored.

2 responses to “Is Paul Pierce an all-time great?”

  1. brian says:

    Definitely an all time great! Some of the best defenders in the NBA, including Kobe, Lebron, Battier, and others, say that his footwork is the best at his position. His combination of size, footwork, and basketball IQ is very under-rated.

    Pierce is a Finals MVP, with career averages of ppg23.0, 5reb, 5 ast, and has always been one of the better defenders in the league at his position. So, yes, those numbers, and the fact that he has always been winner, not to mention his finals MVP or the numbers he put up in his prime 26.5ppg 6.0reb and 5.0Ast, very lebronesque, put him right up there with the all-time greats.

    Tommy Heinsohn recently said that pierce is a better scorer than Larry Legend, and the second best Celtic overall (only behind Bill Russell).

    Heinsohn said that Larry could not consistently get his shot with athletic players guarding him — very true- without the help of teammates, and he could not dribble and play defense like Paul. Larry said as much in an interview, and Celtic greats such as Heinsohn, Russell, Cousy, and Havilchek all admit that Paul’s overall game is oustanding.

    Stern in a remark to a reports mentioned Ray, Allen, and Garnett, are all first ballot hall of famers.

    But to appreciate a player like Paul means you have to understand the game. Wade and Lebron are not as skilled, they rely on incredible athleticism. Paul is one of the most skilled players…not flashy, but get’s to where he wants, creates his own shot, and shoots the ball at a high percentage.

    It might not be flashy, but it certainly doesn’t mean he’s not an all-time great.

  2. john chiaradio says:

    He is one of the most complete players I have ever seen. Can do it all. Remember he always plays D on the best scorer. People forget that. Hall of Fame. That’s a no brainer.

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