I’m Back…Only MJ can get away with that

Ok, its been a long winter and hopefully we can get some nice weather going SOON.  I

haven’t been posting anything in a few months, but its time to get it going again.  My

favorite time of year is upon us, as baseball season is in full swing both at the amateur

level and in the professional ranks.  The NBA has begun its playoffs, and with it all the

talk about Lebron James, another MVP season for him and perhaps another champion

ship for the Heat.  The title of this post kinda hints towards that theme, when the greatest

player of all time Michael Jordan sent out the two word press release, “I’m back” in 1995.

The segway here is for everybody to relax about Lebron James, he is a tremendous

players and will go down as one of the top 5 players of all time.  He may end up with

more MVP trophies than MJ, although it says here he will never eclipse his number of

rings.  Nobody will surpass Jordan in terms of greatest of all time, his impact on the

game alone would preclude that from happening.

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