Golf: My big lefty friend has a meltdown for the ages

While Phil Mickelson certainly gagged yesterday on the PGA tour, that story pales in comparison to

another Lefty who had a meltdown in South Florida over the weekend on a private course that most

would die to have an opportunity to play.  The story begins with  a foursome that includes our

venerable foil we will call “Saki” to protect the innocent.  They are playing the Tiburon Golf Club {home

of the Shark Shootout, Greg Norman, etc.}.  The group is down in South Fla for a quick 4 day, 7 round

trip.  The teams are Sean and Saki against the lifetime partners of Mike and Eddy.  They have a great few

days of golf, and after 6 rounds are tied at 3 wins each.  The plot thickens as the last match itself comes

down to the 18th hole {a great par 5} with the match tied.  So, after 125 holes of golf the entire weekend

prize comes down to the final hole before the boys have to eat dinner and fly home.  In our group of

golfing friends we take this type of  competition very serious, as it is about all we have left to be

competitive in.  We don’t play for alot of money, usually the loser buys lunch or dinner, but its the

satisfaction of beating your buddies which means a whole lot more.

Now that the stage is set, here is what goes down.  Saki and Sean tee off, Saki hits a pretty good ball and is

in play.  Sean pumps his out of bounds so he is essentially done.  Mike and Eddy are in fairly decent

shape as well.  This is where it gets interesting, and where you have to know that our friend Saki doesn’t

have what you would call patience on the golf course.  Saki’s second shot was supposed to be an easy 5

iron, just laying up to the Par 5.  Instead he chunks it about 20 yards into the deep bunker in front of

him, leaving him incensed.  Mike then sprays his shot off course and isn’t sure if he can find it, and then

Eddy snaps his second into a bush and is in a world of hurt.  All things considered, everybody is still in it

and Saki is fine.  Saki then decides against playing it safe from the bunker and goes for the green with a 5

wood from the bunker, about a 1 in 1,000 chance for amateurs.  His partner Sean tries to talk him out of

it but he is fuming from chunking the iron into the bunker in the first place.  What transpires in the next

3 minutes are what legends are made of, and youtube was invented for.  Saki very badly shanks his shot

{predictably} from the bunker with the 5 wood and proceeds to snap his club over his knee in a quick

burst of anger.  That has happened to all of us at some point or another, but then he upped the ante.  He

goes after his ball and now lays 3 in the fairway, about 150 yards from the pin.  He can still get up and

down for 5 and win the hole or make a 6 and stay around, remember Mikey and Eddy are both in

trouble.  Saki takes out his trusty 9 iron from 150 yards, and proceeds to chunk it like a guy who has

never played golf before.  That’s it, its over, Mt. Saki is about to erupt!!  He reaches into his bag and

grabs as many of his clubs from his bag as he can and he starts chucking them into the pond that runs

along the hole!  He is screaming at each club like they did something personally wrong to him.  In all he

ended up throwing 11 clubs into the water, each one given a stern talking to before entering into eternal

wetness.  Some comments that were reported were, “you stink, I hate you, you never hit a good shot,

you stink too,” etc.  When a few of the clubs didn’t go far enough into the water he went to the edge and

threw them even farther in so as to not curse anybody else with finding them and having to play with

such “demonic” clubs.  He ended up with a driver, a four iron, and a putter still left in his bag.  The funny

part is he was still in the hole!  He needed to make an up and down with a four iron from about 110

yards, which is just about impossible to do even for a pro.  Needless to say, he didn’t make up and down

and Mike and Eddy went on to win the hole and the match for the week.  They all enjoyed a good laugh

and wonderful dinner afterwards as they recounted the story and planned their next vacation together.

The good news is Saki had a very light travel bag back to CT Saturday night.  I know there are many

stories like this out there, please send them in to us or comment beneath this story to share your own.

Use real names, fake names, I don’t care we just want to hear funny stories, great shots made, great

courses played, etc.  Fore!

7 responses to “Golf: My big lefty friend has a meltdown for the ages”

  1. Isaak says:

    Great story I have witnessed these outbursts from my playing partners and find them very disturbing. I hope Saki finds a way to real in his immense talent on the course.

  2. Rocc says:

    Laughed out loud throughout entire reading!!!!
    I’ve heard it’s tough playing with Sean, puts a ton of pressure on you to perform, especially when he isn’t playing well.

    • buscettosports says:

      Rocc, this may have been a different Sean but the thought is just the same. Rumor has it this particular Sean is in the golf business and didn’t exactly try and stop Saki from ruining his clubs…now Saki needs to purchase a new set before a big trip to Arizona in a couple weeks for the annual Dual In The Desert. As luck would have it, Sean can accommodate…

  3. J.R. says:

    I have personally seen some outbursted that have become legendary BUT to throw the clubs one at a time is tremendous. I think this guy they call Saki has a gift. Also I was wondering why he just didnt unload everything, would have been cheaper on the flight home.

    • JJ says:

      I agree with JR…have witnessed some outbursts from “Saki” myself. He has the talent to be on tour…but the mental capacity to be my height! He may find enjoyment in Tennis..just saying..

  4. Dom says:

    Wow there must be two Sakis in NL county the one I know is easy going never takes anything too seriously, never dwelling on his own short comings and overlooking others faults. I would like to introduce them to each other.

  5. Big Dog says:


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