Friday’s Batter Up Championship Results

We put a wrap on what was one of the more fun weeks we’ve had at Batter Up over the past 22 years.  The kids played with great enthusiasm and energy all week.  Here are Friday’s results from our Championship Day.


The Braves and Mets battled to an 11-11 tie today, with lots of great plays all around.  Colin Dumond and Ben Decosta turned a tremendous double play to stop the winning run from scoring.  Sawyer Chappel had two hits and 2 rbi’s, Wyatt Farrior had two hits and two runs scored.  Andrew Benvenuti made an outstanding diving catch, and Sofia Pero had the game tying hit to secure the final score.


The Giants and Dodgers also played to a tie game, sharing the championship with a 15-15 tie.  Mike Turner had 3 hits and 3 rbi’s.   Ryan Gemaly tied a Batter Up record with 3 triples in the game, including the last one that tied the score.  Carmine Bruno had 2 outstanding defensive plays in the game.  Eric Richmond, Antonio Carmona, and Katie Koning each had two hits and two runs scored.


The Angels beat the Nationals today 12-10, and then the Nationals came back in the second game and won 21-16 in another offensive explosion.  For the Angels, Aidan Johnson had 3 hits and 2 rbi’s, Rowan Gada had 2 doubles, AK Wilson had a web gem in the field, and James Tischio had two hits.  In Game two for the Angels, Will Dumond had a double and triple, Bronson Leone had two hits and a run scored, and Brian Lowe ripped two doubles.  For the Nationals Cooper Sheehan had two hits and 2 rbi’s, while Torin Gordy had 3 hits and 3 rbi’s in game one.  In game two, Hagen Drake had 4 hits and 3 rbi’s, Sam Olmstead and Mason Nocery each had 2 hits and 2 runs scored, and Gavin Bucko and Ethan Greene each had 2 hits.


In the College World Series, The Gator Nation again was victorious in a hard fought battle with LSU 13-12 in the title game.  For the Gators, Austin Sevigny had 3 hits including a home run, while Nate Hynes had 3 hits and 2 runs scored.  Max Van Dusen had 3 hits including a triple and played outstanding defense.   LSU was led by Evan McCue who hit for the cycle with 4 rbi’s.  Matthew Pero homered, Derek Stradczuk had a triple and 2 rbi’s and Joseph Kalisz had two hits and scored twice.


In the College World Series 3rd place game, ASU beat Miami 11-10.  Simon Gear had two hits, Maddox Guillet had two hits and scored, Jack Porter had two hits and scored game winning run, while Peter Sherwood hit the game tying home run in the final inning for ASU.  Sebby Decosta had 3 hits and Kenny Gray doubled twice.  For Miami, Josh Knight hit two home runs and had 4 rbi’s, Derek Kennedy, Tyler Farris, and Emmet Dunne had 3 hits, and Noah Scurto added two hits and two runs scored.


In the MLB World Series, the Cardinals and Yankees ended in a 7-7 tie.  The Cardinals were led by Liam Martley who had three hits, including a home run and 3 rbi’s.  Will Rocchetti  had 3 hits, a home run, and 2 runs scored.  For the Yanks, Hunter McDuff had two hits and 3 rbi’s, Wyatt Long had two hits and scored twice, Maddie Koning had two hits including a double.  Miles Sarmiento had two hits and a run scored, and Kyle Egan had 3 hits and drove in 2.


In the 3rd place game for MLB, the Cubs beat the Sox 18-11.  Zach Cabral had 4 hits and 3 rbi’s, John Tischio had 3 hits and two runs scored and Teak Sturgill had 3 hits and 2 rbi’s.  Peter Priester and Zach Obrien each had 3 hits and an rbi.  Harley Perreno had 5 hits and 4 rbi’s, Nick Hynes had 4 hits and 2 rbi’s, while Dan Hoblin had 2 hits and run scored and Alex Roth had the defensive play of the game with a nifty backhand play up the middle to get the out at 2nd base.

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