ECC Basketball Predictions For Thursday

Both games should be well played tonight, but I am giving the edge to Waterford in the

first game over Ledyard.  Ledyard is going to be a problem for people for years to come,

but I just think this is Wateford’s year to shine.  Waterford in a tight one.


New London is going to struggle tonight without two of their best players, and the game

will definitely be close into the 4th quarter.  In the end, NL wins because they have Kris

Dunn and NFA doesn’t.  It really is that simple.


The finals will be interesting in that if NL’s starters are back, they roll easily.  If they are

not, then it will be a toss up game.  More to come.

2 responses to “ECC Basketball Predictions For Thursday”

  1. Sam K says:

    Oh ye of little faith.
    Coulda told ya, your boy JR and his boys were gonna pull this one out.

    • buscettosports says:

      That’s a great win for Ledyard program, they are seriously coming on strong late in the year. Should be a fun atmosphere Friday with Cornish and McKelvin back coaching against the Whalers.

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