ECC Baseball Tournament Predictions

Ok, so my Fab 5 for the past few weeks ended up being the top 5 seeds in the tournament.

From those 5 will come the winner of the tourney, but picking who will win truly depends

on who is going to pitch for each respective team.  I am not sure who pitched this week

for those top 5 teams, so I am going to have to give it my best guess.  I will pick the

Quarterfinal Games first, then as the tournament goes along I will update.  With their

pitching rotation lined up and rested, and with a bye in the first round of the states you

would have to say Montville is the favorite to take home the tournament championship.


Montville vs. Killingly, Montville Wins

St. Bernard vs. East Lyme, Saints Win

Waterford vs. Lyman, Waterford Wins

Fitch vs. Stonington, Fitch wins


2 responses to “ECC Baseball Tournament Predictions”

  1. Tommy O says:

    Lyman seems to be positioning themselves for a long state tourney run. They have been steady all year and somewhat under the radar as the fab 5 get all the headlines and as stated in “The Day” today, they have played the best in the ECC to 1 run games. The so called favorites in the S race better hope Lyman gets upset because it seems as though they will really be a tough out. I am by no means a Lyman lover, but they don’t seem to care they are a tiny school from the sticks; they compete no matter who they play. As it pains me to say, I would have to give them the edge right now over SB. Bill, you obviously know the in and outs of how the two games were played between the two, but as an outsider looking in, it appears Lyman is playing at a pretty high level right now and riding high going into tournament time. Talk about spoiling the party, they can really mix it up with a win today, curious to see how they perform. Would have liked to see the Saints make a run in the ECC, but now the grand prize is ahead. Hope they can endure and get past the early rounds. Funny how the starting 5 in basketball are all outstanding baseball players and play the game at a very high level as that is clearly their best sport. Any pure basketball players up there? Come on coach Payne,get some hoopsters up there who wear high tops all year and not spikes during the summer! LOL

    • buscettosports says:

      Tommy- the day everybody saw coming is today. I agree Lyman is absolutely a very tough team, with some outstanding pitching. Today’s game should be very low scoring, most likely first team to catch a break will win it. Petey Aldrich dominated yesterday for SB, so I think Rios will be going for SB today. On a separate note, look out for the Saints softball team making a great run in the tournament.

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