Eastern CT Fab 5 Baseball Teams

After the first couple weeks of action, there are some teams are starting to separate

themselves from the pack in baseball.  My pre-season favorites to win each division

in the ECC are still looking good, with Waterford, Montville, and St. Bernard all still

undefeated in their respective divisions.  There have been some very good games

already played so far this year, and we are only 2 weeks into the season.  My top 5

teams in the area as of games played up to April 18th:

1-Waterford- has a big game against Montville tomorrow, and will be tested in Large.

2-Montville- see above, and has looked very talented so far this season.

3-East Lyme- lost a tough game to Waterford, beat SB and Stonington twice.

4-St. Bernard- lost a couple tough games, but will start to roll up the wins now.

5-Stonington- the Bears have pitching, and that is what it takes to win come June.


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