Duke-Carolina, Cuse-G-Town

We had instant classics last night in both of the big time men’s college games, featuring Syracuse and Georgetown, and Duke-North Carolina.  Georgetown made a great comeback to force overtime, then seemed to have the advantage but ‘Cuse made all the plays down the stretch, including a big 3 with under 30 seconds to go to win the game.  As for Duke’s win over Carolina, Roy Williams will be having nightmares about this one for a while.  They basically dominated the game, but couldnt put Duke away and then Duke gets a money shot at the buzzer from Austin Rivers for the walk-off win.  There are many great rivalries in sports, but Duke-N.Carolina has to be at the top of most lists.  I thought it was pretty cool that Doc Rivers had a night off with the Celtics and was able to watch the game, and watch his kid hit the game winning shot in what will be a signature moment in Austin’s career.

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  1. Tommy O says:

    Coach K’s lesson for winning. Lets go Duke!

    Lesson # 1- Coach the entire game, not just the 1st 37 minutes.

    Lesson # 2- Don’t tip the ball into the other teams basket.

    Lesson # 3 Play solid perimeter defense and don’t let a freshman beat you at home!!

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