Congrats to Waterford Boys Basketball

Waterford boys basketball locked up their first basketball division championship in over

30 years Tuesday night with a 70-60 win over Windham.  Waterford certainly has enough talent

and size to do very well in the upcoming ECC tournament.  Congrats to Coach Gwudz

and his kids on a remarkable season so far.

3 responses to “Congrats to Waterford Boys Basketball”

  1. Tommy O says:

    Really like the attitude of the Waterford kids. Seems like they get it from the small bits and pieces I have seen. Hopefully they can make a really nice run into states. They will be highly rated in class M as they are rated 2nd right now. Two teams that stand out are Enfield which hasn’t lost and Notre Dame- Fairfield with 4 losses, but they play a tough schedule against multiple L and LL schools. Also, 3 of their 4 losses are against S powers, Kobe and Immaculate. If any Waterford team can make a run, I would think this team could with good guard play and a 6-9 kid. Good luck.

    • buscettosports says:


      Great line about the Waterford kids, and how “they get it.” It seems like that in just about all the sports at Waterford, and credit that to the kids, coaches, and adminstration. With leadership in place like Dave Sousa as the AD and Don Macrino as the Principal its no wonder the Lancers do a great job on the courts/fields. The Lancers have one of the best athletic dept coaching staffs around, and its shows not only with the way their kids perform, but the way they conduct themselves while doing so.

      • Dave Sousa says:

        Thanks for the kind words and I think you are correct. The Lancers have some outstanding coaches and the kids are great!


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