Congrats to Kris Dunn

Kris Dunn seems to keep getting better and better, and my advice to people is to catch as many

Whalers games as you can because you are witnessing history.  On Friday Dunn posted a QUAD-

RUPLE double with 32 points 15 rebounds, 11 assists and 10 steals.  He did this against very good

Stonington team, making it even more impressive.  This comes on the heels of Dunn being named

a Jordan Brand All-Star Game participant, the first such Connecticut player ever.  He also was named a

McDonalds All- American earlier this week, becoming only the 4th Connecticut player ever to achieve that honor.

The others include St. Bernard’s Harold Pressley back in 1982, who went on to star at Villanova

and win a national championship in 1985.  I think we have reached the point with Dunn that he has

to be considered either number 1 or 2 (Pressley being the other) all-time in eastern connecticut based solely on his

high school career.   Vin Baker had the best pro career, but in terms of what they accomplished in

high school it is down to these two greats.  Pressley led SB to back to back state championships in 1981 and

1982, a feat Dunn has a chance to match if he can lead the Whalers to the title this year.  Hopefully

Dunn has the same type of success that Pressley did after high school, which culminated in a nice albeit

short career in the NBA.  Let the debate begin.

6 responses to “Congrats to Kris Dunn”

  1. Big Lou says:

    Pressley was, no doubt, the most polished and college ready player from around here. Walked into a national program and was a starter from day one. He did a lot of things extremely well. With that being said, I have watched Dunn play a number of times and have to say he is unlike any player we have seen in this area. A 6ft. 3in. guard with incredible wing span and instincts who is a streaky shooter but can finish above the rim and with authority. Will be fun to follow his career and development at PC.

    • buscettosports says:

      Big Lou, your analysis is spot on in terms of how polished Pressley was in high school, but Dunn is expected to start immediately at PC next year as well. The thing that leads me to think that Dunn will not only have a great career at PC, but ultimately make it to the NBA is his love of the game. When I see him play I see a kid that loves to win, loves to compete, and loves to be around family, teammates, and friends. He has the passion to be great, and if I had to use one word to describe him it would be relentless. He doesn’t relax on the court, he is constantly pushing the ball up the floor, or trapping and pressing on defense. His jump shot will get better in college, which will make his offensive game that much better.

  2. Tommy O says:

    Although I was too young to watch Harold Pressley play, I know all the stories from first hand sources to know he was probably the best our area has produced. The competition he faced night in and night out was far better than our current ECC can provide. High school basketball was different in that era, what Pressley did to get ready for the next level was incredible, without any 80 game AAU season to help him prepare. All you had was the high school season and the teams that SB played in the SAC and beyond were legit. Those teams down state were awesome and the Saints not only competed, but won. Some of the banners from those teams are in my garage, and I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in those practices and locker rooms before and after games. That era continuing in the late 80’s was the best in my opinion. With that being said, credit NL for their schedule and for reaching out to the best around New England. Dunn is truly worthy of All American status because he proved he play against any team, anywhere, including on the AAU circuit. Also, credit “The New London Day” for streaming the games online so we can all witness history and I hope they continue to do so throughout the state tournament. Pressley legacy is cemented in our area and Dunn’s is still to be written. He definitely has a chance to be the best ever from around our area, but there is still a lot of work to be done, but the pieces are in place. I hope he can accomplish his next goal and next step in being the best by winning the LL championship.

    • buscettosports says:

      Tommy, good points on the teams Pressley’s Saints played but we have to acknowledge the teams that NL has played as well. Give Coach Parker some credit for going out and playing the toughest schedule he could find, playing all over CT, NY, and RI. To me these two guys are 1 and 1A depending on your stance. If NL goes to the finals of states and draws a St. Joseph or Hillhouse, you may see the first sellout for a high school game at the Sun. Whoever wins LL will be number 1 team in state in all polls.

      • PG says:

        Guys, what your all saying about Kris is dead on but knowing him persomally he also represents what is good about high school sports and as a young student-athlete and most importanly, as a young man. Class, character, and just a downright all around goodkid. All his success is well deserved. Like Bill said, enjoy what your seeing cuz they come around to often.

  3. Tim Faz says:

    Providence will be back in the top 25 with Dunn and Ricardo Ledo. Best freshmen backcourt in the nation. Erik Murdock will be at a lot of games next year.

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