Coach Vieria Quotes and Sayings: Priceless

My former coach in college, Frank “Porky” Vieria is known throughout the country

as a guy who did things his way, and he was never going to apologize for it.  His quotes

are almost as legendary as the man himself, who once outscored Wilt Chamberlain in

a college all-star game and who was featured in Sports Illustrated in regards to his

baseball coaching career.  Some former players compiled a list and sent this to me.

If you played for him or ever saw him coach, it is extremely funny.  Even if you didn’t,

chances are you will laugh at a quite a few of them.



Quote                                                                     Situation

“C’mon little guy”                                          -To anyone < 5’10”

“Beauty ”                                                      -Mostly reserved for an executed sac bunt

“You swing the bat alright….for a polio victim”  – To a players struggling during BP

“You got any orange juice?”            To coaches, in locker room before home game

“We’re the team in white ”                            -After an error

“Give him a helpin hand”                             -After an error

“Im gonna have to bring in the seals!”       -On the brink of defensive meltdown

“Welcome to Sucksville, population YOU ”         -Somebody really struggling

“Get it in your fingertips”                                          -To every pitcher

“Stay off the wine”    -To high school clinic participant after dropping a flyball in RF

“I drank so much wine I was pissing grapes”    -Telling coaches about his trip to Italy

“Good read”                                                                       -agreement

“That was a gag”                                                       – Failure to come through in a tight spot

“My fault”                                                                 -Anytime he puts in a player who gags

“Try to gag less next time (insert players name)”

“You’re a healthy person! ”                    -Any pitcher who appears to be lacking velocity

“Gotta see more top hand”                                    -All hitters
“Move up on the plate”                                            All hitters

“Think center right field”                                        -All RH hitters

“Think center left field”                                            All LH hitters

“Fielded that like a charm”                                    -Great defensive play

“Eyes set home when you’re comin home”    -All pitchers

“Don’t lull us now”    -Anytime a pitcher throws over to check a runner

“I know you’ve got more velocity than that ”    -To any pitcher who throws 85 or less

“Don’t waste a meal card on those guys”    -To coaches, after watching recruits work out.

“Front running bastards”                           -Any team from New York or New Jersey

“Renegade bastards”                                     -Any team from New York or New Jersey

“Every time I look at this list I want to     – Upon reviewing list of all baseball alumni
run to the package store and get a bottle”

“End it now”                                                    – To players having too much fun in the dugout.

“Smile with the bats ”                                   -To players having too much fun in the dugout.

“He’s a great hitter at 2 o’clock…Only problem
is the game starts at 3”

“He’s got white chalk fever”    -in reference to those who are great in practice but choke in the games.

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