Casey O’Neill, did he miss his calling?

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to watch The Day’s video’s of local sporting

events online, do yourself a favor a spend a few minutes watching.  They do a great job

covering these local events, and listening to former Whaler Casey O’Neill call the game

makes me think he may have a future if he keeps this up.   Those of us who grew up with

Casey will tell you that he hasn’t stopped talking since he came out of the womb, so this

is the perfect forum for him.  He honestly did a great job calling the action, as he has done

a few times before for The Day.  As much as we like to bust his chops, we have to tip our cap to O’Neill

for his work on this.  Nice job Casey, have fun tonight too.

One response to “Casey O’Neill, did he miss his calling?”

  1. mike buscetto says:

    Casey talks as well as he eats. I can’t imagine sharing a small booth with him while calling a game. Honestly, he is very knowledgeable when it comes to sports. He speaks well and people can understand where he is coming from. Good job Casey, ask for a raise before The Day closes !

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