Bryce Harper, Legit From Day One

Many athletes never seem to live up to the hype that they are subject to.  Most end up

doing ok, but never realizing the glorified potential heaped on them by the media.

Coaches often try and shield up and coming players from as much of the scrutiny as

possible, similar to Harper’s case when his manager batted him 7th to start off the season.

They know that a guy can lose his confidence quickly playing in the major leagues, and

once the confidence goes it doesn’t matter how talented you are.  During Harper’s first

few games he has given us a glimpse of what we are likely to see for the next 15 years.

He has shown an arm from the outfield that hasn’t been seen in decades, and has swung

the bat pretty well so far for an every day big leaguer, never mind a 19 year old kid who

knows the world is watching.  It will be fun to watch him compete as the season progresses

but the smart money is on him winning the rookie of the year in a landslide if he stays

in the Show.  Check out the article from Yahoo, which even mentions CT’s own Johnny


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