Batter Up Camp, Week Two Monday Results

Week Two for Batter Up is off and running and it seems as though we have another great

group of kids like last week.  Here are the results from the games on Monday.


The Red Sox beat the Yankees 17-11 in a high scoring game, according to reports Coach

Chippers knuckleball wasn’t quite floating like it used to be.  Chris Munzer led the way

for the Sox with 3 hits and 4 rbi’s, while Mikey Buscetto had 3 hits, including two doubles

for the Yanks.

The Cardinals beat the Cubs 14-10, behind Ethan Kadar’s inside the park home run and

Jacob Geary had two doubles.  Nick Turco had two hits, including a 2 rbi double for

the Cubs.

The Mets and the Braves, DBacks and Rockies, and Canes, Gators, and UCONN series

will be updated after Tuesday Games.

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