Batter Up Camp, Wednesday Recap

The games on Wednesday proved to be very exciting and the kids turned in some great

performances.  In the highest scoring game of the day, the Hurricanes defeated the Gators

21-15.  Top performances for the ‘Canes included Nick Abely with a double and a triple

Aidan McLean made 3 sensational plays at shortstop including a double play, while

Jackson Kempesta had 3 doubles and Treyvon Poehler had 4 hits.

The Angels and Rangers game features some outstanding plays and long balls, as Liam

Kane hit a triple to the fence, Peter Turello hit and inside the park home run and had

two other hits, and Miles Teachworth had a web gem with a great diving catch at 2nd


The Rockies defeated the Marlins 10-9, with almost the entire Rockies team getting

two hits apiece.  Leading the Marlins were Will Rocchetti with a 3 run homer and a double

and Jackson Lalima with 3 hits.

LSU defeated Florida State, led by Kyle Kobyluck and Mike Buscetto, who had 4 hits


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