Batter Up Camp, Thursday Recap

The games are getting better and more competitive every day as the kids are learning

where to be, and the play has improved steadily.

In a game that came down to the wire, the Angels defeated the Rangers 9-8.  Leading the

way in this game was Liam Kane, who had three hits including a double, as well as

Josh Fields who made a great catch in left field, while Dylan Teachworth had web gem

throwing a guy out at first base after the ball deflected off the pitcher.  Brady Potter

also made a spectacular play in CF.

In the Gators and Canes games, many kids turned in noteworthy performances.  Lucas

Holliman had 4 rbis  with 3 doubles and a triple, Devin Kazarian made 3 straight plays

at second base one inning, while Nick Abely had a couple hits and some nice plays in the

field.  For the Gators, Jackson Kempesta made a nice catch in right field, Mike Santangelo

made two big league plays at SS, while Chris Watrous had some solid opposite field


The Phillies beat the Rockies 10-6, led by Jeff Lalima’s 2 inside the park home runs.

Jose Rodriquez had a based clearing double for the Rockies for 3 rbi’s, as well as a couple


The Diamondbacks and Marlins battled to a 5-5 tie.  Charlie McPherson hit an inside

the park home run, Will Rocchetti hit another 2 run homer, Jayden Kutz had two hits

and a run scored.  Nick Hynes led the DBacks with an over the fence home run deep

to center field that bounced off the top of the fence and went over.

The Mets and the Braves have been battling with some great games this week, and were

led by James Powers over the fence home run to deep center field.  There have been

many great plays from this game all week, but Coach Payne wants to recap all of them

after Friday’s game because there has been some ties and Coach wants to make sure

he doesn’t leave anybody out.

In the LSU-Arizona-Florida State battle, it is coming down to the wire with some standout

performances by Noah Silva, Evan Wielachowski, and Brian Bergeron.

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