Baseball Eastern CT Fab Five Baseball Rankings

These are the updated rankings as of Tuesday, May 15th.  The division races are starting

to shake out in the ECC, and the better teams continue to separate themselves from

the pack.  The rankings are the same as last week, as all of the teams had impressive weeks.


1, Fitch- The Falcons continue to roll with their 14th straight victory earlier this week.

The have a division championship game on Saturday vs. East Lyme.  If Fitch wins, they

are the champs alone.  If East Lyme wins, the Vikings and Falcons will share the crown

along with Waterford if the Lancers beat NFA.


2, Waterford- The Lancers have lost only 3 games all year, but 2 are in the division.

The pitching staff is getting primed up for a long run in the post-season.  You never

thought you would see the day when the Lancers were pulling for an East Lyme win

in anything, which is the case in the game vs. Fitch Saturday.


3, Montville- The Indians keep rolling along with two of the better competitors in the

league as their starting pitchers, Tre Gonzalez and Corey Wilcox.  The Indians will

have their pitching lined up for the ECC tournament, as they have already clinched the

Medium Division.


4, St. Bernard- The Saints have been rolling since a 4-4 start, with a blip on the screen

last week at Lyman that could cost the Saints the outright Small Divison Title.  The Saints

lost that game after some questionable calls went against them, leading to the loss.  They

are 11-5 now, and should run the table to finish 15-5.   They will be favorites along with

Northwest Catholic in Class S state tournament.


5, East Lyme- The Vikings had a big week last week going 3-0 including a win over

Waterford.  They are a very dangerous team this time of year and should be looked at

as a possible favorite to win the ECC Tournament because of their experience.

4 responses to “Baseball Eastern CT Fab Five Baseball Rankings”

  1. Stanley says:

    Mr. Buscetto, how can you say that questionable calls cost St. Bernard a win against Lyman. The saints lacked offense except for the 3rd inning, and Keith Chamberlain, one of the best in the whole ECC, dominated them the rest of the game, before being relieved. Lyman has played exceptionally well against the best teams in the ECC (Fitch, Waterford, Montville) losing 1-0, 3-2, and 2-0 respectively, while facing both Mewha and Gonzalez, the best pitchers in the ECC. Lyman has the best lineup 1-9 in the small division, and the best starting pitching. The whole team has a lot of experience, and is a better all-around team than the Saints. Also, East Lyme is a better team than St. Bernard, hands down. Also, when does the ECC tournament start?

    • buscettosports says:


      No question Lyman is a scrappy team and did beat the Saints last week. However, you can’t say that they have the best lineup hands down as they have struggled to score against sb’s pitching in both games this year. Don’t forget SB was winning 2-0 in the 6th inning before Lyman rallied. Let’s see what happens in the ECC and state tournament to declare who is the better team. I agree that East Lyme is a very good team as well, which should make for an interesting tournament. Keep this in mind though: if Lyman knew they were going to be such a good team this year, and thought they had the best lineup 1-9 as you suggest, then why is their non-conference schedule so weak? Lyman’s pickup games are Windham Tech, Coventry, Somers, and Woodstock. No disrespect to those teams, but that isn’t exactly murderers row as they have a combined record thus far of 26-44. In comparison, St. Bernard opted to pick up the following teams: Montville, Old Lyme, East Catholic, and NFA who have a combined record of 41-29. If you are good, you shouldn’t be afraid to schedule some tough teams when you have open dates, and not just some automatic wins.

      • Stanley says:

        The coach at Windham Tech is a Lyman graduate, and it is always nice to play that game every year. The athletic director is a graduate at Woodstock, so they are another team played annually. Lyman has on their schedule Fitch, Waterford, Montville, East Lyme, and Stonington, all quality teams. No doubt the Saints are a very good team, good hitting and good pitching. Both Lyman and St. Bernard players have a lot of varsity experience. But St. Bernard also played Ledyard, Woodstock, New London, and NFA this year. Combined record of 22-45. Gotta give Lyman and their dominant pitching staff some credit.

  2. buscettosports says:

    Stanley, I give a lot of credit to Lyman for being a very tough team, no doubt about it. They do have some quality pitching and will be a very tough team to beat come state tournament time. Regarding the scheduling, the league gives everybody a 16 game schedule that they must play, with each team having 4 open dates to pick up games against whomever they want. So while Lyman did play Montville, Fitch, Waterford, East Lyme, and Stonington, they did so because they had to based on the league generated schedule. Next year none of those teams will be on the mandated schedule from the league. The fact remains that SB chose to play a much tougher non-league schedule to prepare themselves for the post-season. That is clearly demonstrated by the won-loss record of their opponents that I outlined earlier. I can appreciate the whole former player coaching Windham Tech deal, that is kind of neat. The bottom line is both Lyman and SB are 2 very talented teams who should both have very long runs in the state tournament.

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