All-Time Eastern CT Basketball Team

With all the hype surrounding Kris Dunn and his storied career at New London, I wanted to see what everybody’s thoughts were in regards to where he stands all-time with some of the great basketball players in Eastern CT.  Is he top 5?  I would love to hear your starting 5, pick the team as  you wish whether it be a traditional lineup or taking the 5 best players as if you had to win one game for the championship.  Some names I would think would have to be on that list would include Tyson Wheeler from NL and Harold Pressley from St. Bernard.

16 responses to “All-Time Eastern CT Basketball Team”

  1. Matt Rollins says:

    PG – Tyson Wheeler
    SG – Kris Dunn
    SF – Gerry Lancaster
    PF – Harold Pressley
    C – Matt Rollins

  2. Matt Rollins says:

    The only reason it was tough was because I played with Gerry and I know what he could do back then and Harold was real tough! Vin was tough too but I never really got to see him play since we had games at the same time. I guess if it came down to it I wouldnt feel bad replacing Harold with Vin.

  3. Leo Clinton says:

    I agree I honestly think Matt Rollins could’ve been the best of them all but he played with some good players

    • buscettosports says:

      Leo, I think matt’s fab 5 would have had a tough time with the 1990 St. Joe’s CYO team. If you recalll that team had an unstoppable backcourt.

  4. JJ says:

    Guessing here…Bill and Leo in the backcourt? Then Madden must be up for the John Wooden Award?

  5. NL Legend says:

    1) Harold Pressley
    2) Vin Baker
    3) Tyson Wheeler
    4) Gerald Henderson
    5) Neil Currie

    • buscettosports says:

      I had a close up view of Will Flowers, class of ’88 from St. B. He was as dominant a player, against legit competition that I saw. He led team to win over St. Joe’s of Trumbull, ranked 8th in country at the time with 8 Division 1 players on their roster. Nobody stopped him, and that was playing against all L schools like Wilby, Warren Harding, St. Joe’s, etc. Will was better in high school than Lancaster.

  6. Matt Rollins says:

    All due respect to NL legend… I played against Neil Currie in a tournament and I DESTROYED him! Just sayin…

  7. Matt Rollins says:

    Really Bill… CYO??? Wheres the love cuzzin??

  8. Patrick Gallagher says:

    All you NL guys, lol.

    You leaving off Glenn Miller?

  9. NL Legend says:

    Truth be told its impossible to come up with a list. How do you compare eras. How many points does Dunn score if he played 15 years ago. How many points does Glen Miller score if he played 4 years with a 3 point line. Tyson would drop 60 a game if he played today

    • buscettosports says:

      I don’t think the game has changed a whole lot in the last 25 years or so, but your point about Glen Miller is well taken. That being said, make a choice. Is it Glen, Tyson, or somebody else?

      What about the girls all time team? Tracy Lis, Heather Buck, …

  10. Matt Rollins says:

    Im goin Tyson! Playmaker/scorer in one. Somebody has to feed the big fella!!

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